Tuesday 8 April 2014

A glimpse of the Tyne

Newcastle in the mist
April 2014

Whilst London basked under the spring sun we headed north to Northumberland, visiting friends in Morpeth.

Our trip took in the rather marvelous Barter Books in Alnwick, one of the largest in the UK. Its proprietor in a Railway buff and this is reflected in the vast selection of railway books. Sadly Alnwick is far from the inland waterways and by contrast there was was 18 inches of canal books - and I had read most before. 

Before we left we had a final look on their in line catalogue and turned up a brochure on the Foxton Inclined plane, published by its engineers in 1906 to publicise their achievements. We had bartered a huge box of our old books and used some of the credit to pay for this unusual canal artifact - more of that another day.

Marks and Spencer

We also took a stroll around a misty and cold Newcastle but not withstanding the weather there were a few good images to be had before we headed home for a warming Thai take away. I was particularly taken with the Grainger indoor market which includes the very first Marks and Spencer outlet - fascinating stuff.


Naughty-Cal said...

We hope to be travelling down the Tyne to visit Newcastle for a couple of days on our summer trip this July.

Neil Corbett said...

Next time you go to Morpeth, try and find time to visit the little Bagpipe museum if it's still there. It's a good 'un.