Sunday 21 June 2009

A day for celebration

Belle's Graduation
20th June 2009

It's been a big day in the Ahab household.

Belle, after seven years of hard work, has graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in Literature from the Open University. I am so proud of the way she has stuck at this task during some very difficult years, and to end up with a First - Congratulations!

Today was the
official graduation ceremony at Symphony Hall, Birmingham - which was the scene of my own graduation twelve years ago.

A new frock was purchas
ed and a gown ordered and she looked stunning (as well as very clever).

The ceremony was followed by a family celebratory meal at The Living Room on Broad Street. So what connection can all this have with the waterways?

Well, its a bit tenuous but:

1. A lot of
the study took place on Wand'ring Bark
2. The award ceremony took place alongside Brindley Place

3. The meal was in a room overlooking Gas Street Basin (design - not chance).

Congratulations Belle, I am so proud of you. Here's to the Masters you start on the Autumn.


Debbie said...

Congratulations Belle! How proud you all must be, and rightly so!
Debbie NB Tickety Boo

Jim said...

Congratulations to Belle. Andy, you are rightly proud of her.