Wednesday 17 June 2009

UK Aqueducts

UK Aqueducts

Regular readers may have noticed that my postings have become less frequent of late. This is partly because I have had to knuckle down and earn an honest crust away from the cut, and partly because I have been diverted by an interest in the aqueducts around the inland waterways.

I have been struck by the number of aqueducts we pass over, crossing rivers, railways, roads and sometimes other canals. We are all familiar with the much photographed canal over canal aqueducts (Red Bull Junction, Hazlehurst Junction, Engine Arm on the BCN etc), but few of us have any idea what the other structures look like from below.

I have therefore made a pledge with myself to make a point of stopping at the aqueducts I come across on my travels, and try to get a good side on photo, plus a bit of history where it exists. The end result is a sister blog - ukaqueducts - which documents my research using a mixture of my own photos and where necessary, other images sourced from the web.

I will be adding aqueducts as I come across them and, over time, accumulate a comprehensive record. However, there are hundreds of them out there so this is destined to be a work in progress for many years to come.

You may ask why, and my answer is why not? Curiosity is a good thing and it beats watching re runs of Top Gear on Dave!

I have one pressing question which I am struggling to answer:
When does a culvert become an aqueduct? I really need to work out this distinction soon or I will end up with an ever expanding collection of small bore drainpipes!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture.

Andy Tidy said...

Google image is a wonderful resource!
Glad you like the old postcard I decided to use on the aqueducts blog banner. I thought it was rather wonderful myself.