Saturday 6 June 2009

Sea Fishing off Tywyn

Sea Fishing off Tywyn
6th June 2009
A stormy return

A weekend is never complete without a watery fix. This weekend it was the lads annual sea fishing trip involving the core of the "boat boys" staying in an assortment of houses and flats owned by three of the eight participants.

Kev's crab
Time pressures prevented coarse fishing on the Friday, but a full compliment rolled up on Friday evening ready for a most excellent curry cooked by Mr Truth, and full day on the Irish Channel on the Saturday. Things didn't look hopeful when a force 7 gale blew up overnight and the forecasts suggested more of the same on Saturday afternoon, accompanied by torrential rain which may, or may not, reach the coast.
Colin's Sea Bream

In the event the morning was overcast but still and dry, so a decision was made by Chris the skipper to take his boat Bilko out of Aberdovey and see how things went. We stopped for 45 mins just off the Aberdovey sandbanks and caught a hundred or so Mackrel, some of which were to be used for bait. We then moved northwards along the coast and took up a position about a mile off Tywyn and spent a couple of very satisfactory hours reeling in:

Pollock (Coney)
Sea Bass
Weaver Fish (wicked little things with poisonous barbs) and strangely;
A large spider crab which became tangled in a line!

We hoped for larger specimens (Tope) so moved three miles offshore to the edge of the shipping channel, but all we found were more dogfish with their abrasive skin and sharp teeth.
Steve's "biggest fish of the day" - a Dogfish

With storm raging over nearby Snowdon and Cader Idris we decided to make for home at 3.00pm, and were promptly soaked by a mixture of rain and spray from the bows. What a contrast, the previous weekend it had been stifling hot with tee shirts and shorts, and now we were all wrapped up in fleeces and waterproofs, trying to stop our beer mugs from the Brittania Inn slipping through numbed fingers. A typical British summer!.

Mr Truth's Dogfish

Notwithstanding the deteriorating weather, it was a joy to be out on the salty stuff appreciating yet another watery perspective on life. Oh, and my tally : over 20, but with a specialism in the wicked Weaver Fish.

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