Friday 11 December 2009

Riverside Walk at Burgh Norfolk

Riverside Walk at Burgh, Norfolk
River Bure
November 2009

It's easy to assume that you say the name of this Norfolk village like the 'berg' bit of 'iceberg', but you would be wrong. To say it correctly think of 'borough' as in 'The Borough of Tower Hamlets' - not that there is the slightest similarity between the two places!

Footbridge behind Burgh Church

Burgh in Norfolk is a lovely little place with some spectacular houses, a village church worthy of a postcard and a lovingly tended village hall known as 'The Reading Room'. All in all, it's almost nice enough to tempt me back to Norfolk from the sunny climes of Birmingham...

Burgh Church from the River Bure

However, I digress. I visited Burgh to see the mill and lock and had discovered that the west bank of the river could be accessed via a footbridge behind the parish church. The resulting walk was a bit wet underfoot, but offered some sublime views and is well worth a return trip when the grey clouds have been replaced by sunshine and blue skies.

Reflections under a leaden sky - Burgh near Aylsham

If this navigation is ever re-opened I predict that the mooring opposite the church will be the most popular spot on the river.

Burgh Mill on the River Bure

Don't take my word for it - the pictures speak for themselves.


Martin said...

Sublime views. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I love this place, but there is no information about its history. I wonder why not

Andy Tidy said...

I know very little about Burgh, but it is choc a bloc with iunteresting buildings so it is bound to have a rich history. So many interesting places and so little time to research them.
Capt Ahab