Sunday 27 December 2009

Anson Branch North of M6, BCN

Anson Branch - North of M6
Anson Bridge to Reeds Wood Bridge
Birmingham Canal Navigations
December 2009

The remains of the Anson Branch emerges like a mirage beyond the M6 having passed under  Junction 10.

View south from Anson Bridge

When I say under the junction, I mean literally UNDER it. My last account of the southern part of the Anson Branch left the route high and dry, facing the towering embankment of the motorway. The whole junction was built over the 1830 canal, including two slip roads and the edge of the roundabout itself.

Anson Bridge

It is quite amazing to park up on Bloxwich Lane and peer over Anson Bridge, seeing not only a canal, but one which contains the clear free flowing water of Sneyd Brook. It is quite possible to climb over the parapet and have a mooch along the narrowed towpath, watching the canal run true and straight towards the northern side of the motorway junction to the south and away into the distance between a long line of trees to the north.

South from Reedswood Bridge

With the towpath completely overgrown, the next access point is at Reedswood Bridge, which carries Bentley Lane over the canal on the southern extremity of Reeds Wood Park, the ultimate desitnation of this canal.

Reedswood Bridge

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