Thursday 25 April 2013

Oblivion - film review

April 2013

Take a two hour running time, add a dash of the Matrix, a hefty dose of Independence Day and liberally sprinkle with the essence of about 20 classic sci fi films and what to you get? - Oblivion!

When I say Oblivion I don't mean a film which sinks into the celluloid mire without a trace, but rather the Tom Cruise film of that name which by some miracle pulls off the rampant plagarism and delivers a sci fi movie which is a cut above the norm.

Its a post apocalyptic story of man (America) fighting the evil planet raping aliens. A story of the underdog battling against all the odds - and delivering triumph in the end (Independence Day). We even have the hero flying the suicide mission, but even here all is not as it seems.

Dont expect a tight plot - its got more loose ends than my favourite boating sweater, but the central tale is as compelling as it is heart warming. As ever, aliens clever enough to deploy all that technology seem very gullible in the final showdown, but that is how aliens are!

The opening half hour sets the scene and it takes a while for the film to get going - even then its not always clear exactly who the bad guys are. But then things liven up and just as you fear for the future of the human remnant, Morgan Freemans sonorous narrative cuts in and assures you that all will be well - things always work out ok when you have Morgan Freeman in your corner.

Its a good sci fi film, a familiar but the eclectic collection of plotlines are woven together very well and its well worth a look see. 

A good film which entertained and exceeded expectations.


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Anonymous said...

Now that's a very useful review - we like a bit of sci-fi and I've been wondering whether this one was worth investigating...

Not sure when we'll have time now that we're weekend boating again, so maybe it'll be a winter DVD!

Hope that you're all well - hope to meet you out and about sometime - though now that the flowering/fruiting season has started I expect Belle will have her head in a preserving pan for the rest of the summer :-D

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

Andy Tidy said...

Sue - oh yes indeed. Preserving is in full flow. Andy