Sunday 21 April 2013

Pensnett Canal - Pedmore Road

Pensnett Canal revisited - Pedmore Road area
April 2013

I had unfinished business with the Pensnett Canal. When I last visited there was a long central section I couldn't get access to, a section to the north of Pedmore Road but tucked away to the rear of a busy steel stockholder.

Pensnet Canal map C1902

This visit was very early on a Sunday morning and the works were deserted. There was no one to seek permission so I wandered in and was able to follow the canal bed all the way from the cooling pond to the south of Pedmore Road through to the railway bridge.

Cooling Ponds at Pedmore Road

Pensnett Canal bed to the north of Pedmore Road

 Rubbish strewn channel

A distant glimpse of the railway bridge

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Halfie said...

Should this be Pedmore Road, not Lane? (Or, indeed, Peartree Lane?)