Tuesday 9 April 2013

Small Boat on the Meuse - book review

Small Boat on the Meuse
by Roger Pilkington
April 2013

My trip to Malta offered a significant amount of reading time which included Pilkington's first travel book on the new Thames Commodore, crossing the channel and following a familiar path into the heart of Europe along the Meuse - one of his favourite waterways.

Whilst the Pilkingtons are now a firm part of my life, and their travels are rarely far from my imagination. However, this was mostly known ground and was therefore not as captivating as usual.

The odd thing is though, I find myself becoming very familiar with the Continental system and increasingly keen to get over there and have a look for ourselves. Gradually, bit by bit, I am finding a medium term plan evolving after we have exhausted the UK waterways when we will get a bigger boat and really do the job properly - but that's all at least 10 years in the future.

All these tales of distant journeys and hitherto unknown history is getting to me....

By the time you read this I will be in Kazakhstan and will probably have read Pilkingtons next installment. Watch this space.


KevinTOO said...

Hi Andy,
I really don't mind if you want to continental boating...
BUT will Wildside Preserves be trading in Euros... aggghhh

Andy Tidy said...

I think we will restrict Wildside to the UK - I am not sure those over the channel would really get the english wild fruit.