Sunday 22 February 2009

New Years Resolution

New Years Resolution
22 Feb 2009

I don't generally make new years resolutions, but this year I did. It had nothing to do with abstinence or losing weight (I lost two stone last autumn) which are the more common focus of effort. No, when I was asked whet I really wanted to achieve in 2009, I said it was to achieve a "greater degree of carefreeness". Grammatically its a very bad aspiration but as a strategic aim it has great potential.

Those that know the real Capt Ahab will be aware that my domestic situation isn't exactly plain sailing, so achieving a more carefree spirit is easier said than done. I can't roam the seas at will because I am needed back at my home port most of the time - but that doesn't stop me giving my mind greater liberty.

I decided to indulge my curiosity more. If something captures my attention I have given myself the freedom to explore it and see where it leads - a bit like turning Wand'ring Bark's bows into silted backwaters and seeing just how far I can get, and then revelling in the whole experience of getting myself out again. Others may shake their sensible heads and scoff behind my back, but memories are made of such stuff.

So that brings me to my blog. Its lovely that others are visiting it and maybe vicariously enjoying my observations of the world, but basically it is a personal diary which logs my indulgences in the things I encounter and capture my imagination. The great thing about a blog is that it allows me to record those fleeting observations which are the colour within a sepia life, placing on record my feelings and impressions rather then a factual A to B to C itinary.

Yesterday I was struck by my lack of familiarity with my alter ego, the worthy Captain Ahab. I will share the story behind the name another time, but I have indulged my curiosity in his pursuit of Moby Dick with a visit to the Amazon on line bookshop and a brand new copy is winging itself to me as I type. Whilst on Amazon I couldn't resist buying a copy of Ray Shill's "The Birmingham Canal Navigations". I doubt it will be light read but I am sure it will be fascinating none the less.

In keeping with my resolution, I will indulge my curiosity and report back what I find.

PS - Its been a glorious weekend, the first real days of spring. Its a shame it wasn't a boating weekend as a trip to Brewood would have been lovely.

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