Saturday 28 February 2009

Porthole Project Complete

Porthole Project Complete
28th Feb 2009

You may remember that I embarked on a project to create a wooden porthole cover for our cabin and came up with a design which allows a circular cover to be rolled back and forth.

It has taken me another two weeks of intermittent varnishing and sanding, but it is finally finished. Last night saw the application of eight picture brackets and today it was the fitting, the moment of truth.

Amazingly, the cover was the same size as the porthole and the concept actually works. No, it doesn't just work, it works well. Jeff took a look, rolled the cover back and forth a few times and deemed the end result "cool". That's teenage for "Dad, that's great, amazing, I stand in awe of your talents", but much shorter of course!

I will let you make your own mind up about the end result:

As I was rolling it to and fro I was reminded of Eeyore on his birthday when he was presented with an empty honey jar (Poo ate the honey) and a burst balloon (Piglet popped it) and proceeded to put the scrap of rubber in and out of the pot in a state of Donkey ecstasy.

It doesn't do to read too much into my illustrative parallels...

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