Friday 11 November 2011

Back from the BCN

Back from the BCN
6th November 2011

Another early morning with the sun peeping out of a clear blue sky. We slipped away at 7.30 with the first rays of orange sunlight  slicing through the mist rising off the surface of the canal.

Factory locks at dawn

These early mornings in late autumn are a bit special, mist gathering at the mouth of the Coseley tunnel and the first frosts of the season casting a white dusting over Deepfields cutting.

Bloomfield Junction (site of)

Misty morning at Coseley 

I did see an apple tree with tight knots of rosy fruit hanging from its branches. They were enticing enough to stop and collect a basket full. Sadly, they were not as good as they seemed, scabby and small so in the end they ended up in the cut near Horsleyfields Junction.

Wild apples at Deepfields

Someone had beaten us to the Wolverhampton 21 so we followed them down, slowly catching them up from five locks behind to three at the bottom. Not bad as we were double handed versus their crew of four.

Deepfields cutting

The sun continued to shine and offered a truly lovely day of cruising - surely the last of the year.

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