Sunday 6 November 2011

Driffield Navigation by kayak Trout Inn and Wansford Bridge

Driffield Navigation - Part 6
Trout Inn and Wansford Bridge
August 2011

I wanted a pub and when I found one it was closed!

Trout Inn - Wansford

The Trout Inn at Wansford marks the current head of navigation, with further progress impeded by the low Wansford Bridge. The locals tell me that funds were earmarked for its replacement with a swing bridge, but this significant step fell foul of the economic situation and funding was withdrawn. This is a shame, but canal restoration is a long game and one has to take these setbacks on your stride. 

The Wansford obstruction

The bridge may be low, but its still ok for kayaks.

Just below the bridge there is the head of navigation mooring, a floating pontoon that looks like it has seen more seasons than boats! There is no winding hole above it so unless you have a very short boat (which most are hereabouts) it will be a very long reverse out.

Trout Inn mooring pontoon

The Trout Inn is aptly named. The parallel river is one of the most sought after trout waters in the country - with fancy fees to match. Think twice before deciding on a round trip using the river to descend. It is private water and best left alone. Just below the Trout Inn there is a vast trout farm, acre upon acre of bubbling lakes, teeming with fish. 

Part of the Trout Farm

I guess the area is naturally good for trout but the stock is clearly topped by artificial means. 

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