Sunday 6 November 2011

Disaster - Capt Ahab is caught over the limit

Disaster - Ahab over the limit!
6th November 2011

I may have had a tipple or two last night but its not what you think.

There I was planning to do a post about our weekend trip to the Black Country Living Museum, when up pops a message telling me that I am at 99.99% of my photo allocation! Aaarhh - does this mean the end of Captain Ahab? 

Thankfully, Google lets you buy extra space and, for the princely sum of $5.00 plus tax (about £3.75) per year, I have increased my allocation by a factor of 20 - which should be enough for 80 years at my current rate of posting (that will make me 130!).

So here is the final photo of my fee limit:

Wand'ring Bark in Deepfields Cutting just after dawn this morning


Halfie said...

I had wondered what happens when you get to your limit, and now you've answered that question. I'm up to 22%, so I have a fair way to go yet. I tend to keep my photos down to 900 x 675 pixels or less.

I think if my blog gets full I'll just start a new one with a fresh load of space!

(Interestingly the word verification "word" is "loblog"!)

Andy Tidy said...

Halfie, I post them at 1200 x 800 but my problem is that there are a lot of them - about 4,500. I had a feeling I was getting near the limit.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit that I thought the worse - Belle has been experimenting with an awful lots of fruity brews this year :-)

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

Neil Corbett said...

|Glad you decided to keep going. I love your photos. I'm sure I'll do the same when the time comes

Halfie said...

Incidentally, I don't like the new system where, when you click on a picture, it doesn't immediately open up to the originally uploaded size, but takes you to a sort of slide show, involving more clicks before you get to the full size photo. I'm not sure if this happens on all Blogger blogs.

Andy Tidy said...

Thanks Neil - I loved the printed versions idea
Sue - you wouldnt have been far off the mark the night before. A group of us had been testing all the concoctions with predictable results (the six point scale degenerated into like / dont like.
Halfie - I dont like the picture slideshow thing either - I started to notice it a week or so ago.