Saturday, 11 May 2013

A trip down the Staffs and Worcester

Staffs and Worcester - to Stourport
May 2013

Our trip down the Staffs and Worcester was about as blissful as it gets. The weather got warmer and warmer and we sauntered on with lots of time to spare before we needed to be in Droitwich so it was lazy starts and early finishes. Perhaps the only problem was that in spite of trying to slow down we still found ourselves in Stourport after 2.5 days.

Ashwood Basin - other end of Lord Ward's tramway

We all know that the Staffs and Worcester has some remarkable circular overflows, but it also has an amazing diversity of other formats.

Overflow weirs on the Staffs and Worcester Canal

We stopped off for the first night at Dimmingsdale Lock, always a firm favourite, and then on to Stourton Junction for the second. We paused at Kinver buying some essential supplies and sampling a very acceptable lunch at a cafe in the high street.

Mooring at Stourton Junction

Stourton second lock

We took the opportunity to polish the boat and bring the green up to a gleaming green finish and also to undertake a bit of foraging - wild garlic and dandelions.

Foraging at Stourton Castle

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