Sunday 5 May 2013

Droitwich Calling

Droitwich Calling
5th May 2013

Droitwich calling - an eerie echo from the early days of radio when all broadcasts from this location started with those famous words. I had assumed that the radio base was here on account of geographic elevation but in fact is was down to the underground salt deposits, which provided an excellent earth.

Festival crowds - Droitwich day two 2013

Salt was both the savior and the downfall of this pretty little town. Brine deposits were found here but as in the Croxton area to the north, excessive pumping caused subsidence on a massive scale. The area around the brine pump has all gently slumped into a depression with the building leaning and warped like a Salvador Dali on acid.

 The leaning buildings of Droitwich

Barry out on the photographic hunt

Day two kicked off where day one ended - warm weather and sun which got hotter and hotter. Today the mood was more festive, with families out for the day at this excellent event. Its a shame that more trade boats are not here (we are the only one) as the huge friendly crowds offer lots of potential and more life on the water would enrich this festival no end. Maybe next year.

This was the day of cycling - they were everywhere in all shapes and sized with lycra clad figures making up the bulk of the early morning trade. Which reminds me - yesterday, just as we were packing up a guy came round on a recumbent bicycle and following up my expression of curiosity proceeded to offer a lesson. I wobbled and weaved my way round Vines Park but no harm done, and no one ended up in the cut. It was a blast, the most fun I have had on a bike- do try one if you get a chance.

This event has been a time for friends - at last a dozen must have sought us out yesterday and it was the same again today, with friends old and new turning up at the stall. The afternoon was enlivened with the arrival of Barry and Sandra (Areandare) and Andrew Denney (Granny Buttons) who swapped stories, drank ale form the real ale bar and polished off huge helpings of fish and chips under the setting sun.

Andrew Denney

Another memorable day when friendship and trade were mingled in a happy blend.

Don't you just love the great British Bank Holidays!


Ian and Karen said...

Wot no picture of you on the bike?!

Andy Tidy said...

Ian and Karen
I understand that there is a photo but I havnt got a copy yet!