Thursday 7 June 2012

Easter 2012 Tixall

Easter 2012
Hem Heath to Tixall
April 2012

Like football, today was a day of two halves. Spring in the morning and winter in the afternoon.

Today was a day for being sociable, catching up Lee and Becky, friends we havn't seen for nearly 10 years. And how better to do that than aboard a boat sailing from Hem Hear to Haywood Junction.

Traffic was very light, we saw maybe half a dozen boats moving but plenty moored, their crews hunkered down out of the icy blast which was sweeping over us. These boats included bloggers Sanity Again (no one home) and Rock n Roll (quick wave). 

We dropped our passengers off at Gt Haywood and moved on to Tixall for the night, settling down  for a session with the Spall's on Princess Matilda at they journey round the south coast of England. A well written and witty account of an epic trip, interspersed with an account of Tim Spall's battle with Lukemia in the 1990's.

As usual we moored beyond the wide, in the river like section where we were all on our own and out of the wind. But the day had a final and very unpleasant twist. Remember that pump out at Middlewich? Well, their over vigorous flush out left the tank 2/3rds full of fresh water with inevitable consequences. Yuk!


ditchcrawler said...

Just catching up with your last few blogs, Have you had the gallstone whipped out yet?
I thought the photos were sparkling.

Andy Tidy said...

I had a scan yesterday and there are three of them. I am off to see the surgeon about a gall bladder removal on Monday...