Tuesday 12 June 2012

Prometheus - film review

Film Review
June 2012

This film came as something of a surprise, with my pre knowledge limited to the fact that it is a Sci Fi movie which is the staple fare for cinema trips with Jeff.

It wasn't long before I saw its links with Alien, Ridley Scott's 1979 classic which had us all on the edge of our seats watching on horror as Sigourney Weaver's stomach was rent asunder by the alien within.

This is Ridley Scott's latest offering and effectively represents a prequel to Alien, offering an explanation to where the Aliens came from. The film works well as a stand alone item, and a huge sprawling effort it is too. Whereas Alien was shot on the tight confines of a spacecraft, Prometheus is set on a far distant moon set in a constellation which was depicted in several places on earth, all drawn thousands of years apart.

After  years of suspended animation the crew of Prometheus wake to find a huge structure which is explored and is found to contain some unexpected inhabitants who share the same desire to incubate and inhabit host bodies. Whilst this is a straight lift from Alien, the gore is amplified and repeated, scenes which has my toes curling and my bum on the edge of the seat.

I wont spoil the plot, its well worth a look but perhaps the laurels have to go to Michael Fassbender and his depiction of the android David - who has a worrying tendency to have a mind of his own. The film is scary, very scary for a 15 and plays out in front of a stunning CGT backdrop. We saw it in 2D but on reflection I think it would have justified the the 3D premium.

The film's promoters have done much to distance this from the slightly overdone Alien franchise, seeking to attract a new audience. The reality is that this has enough of Alien to satisfy the 50 somethings like me who saw Alien in their teens, but enough fresh and new to get a whole new following.

The plotline is strong and unfinished, with the film's  heroine, Dr Elizabeth Shaw and a decapitated David set up for a continuation - and a film I will certainly go and see. 

Something old, something new, a little borrowed, out of the blue.


Eddie said...

"Sigourney Weaver's stomach was rent asunder by the alien"
or it might have been John Hurt?

Halfie said...

Boom boom!

Andy Tidy said...

Eddie Its a long time since I saw the film - 30 years?