Monday 25 June 2012

Worcester Ring 2012 Compton

Worcester Ring 2012
22 May 2012

9 miles - 1 lock - 3 hours

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Remember that week in late May when the sun came out and gave us a glimpse of summer amid all that rain? Well, we were fortunate to be out on the water for the six days when the sun shone from a cloudless sky, days when we spent out time trying to shelter from the rays rather than the rain.

This first day was a business day, family matters to be taken care of but an agenda which saw us off to the boat in late afternoon. We packed our staff into Wand'ring Bark, including Belle's copious preserving kit, in 27 degrees of heat - yes it really can get that hot in England!

By the time we set off everyone else had packed up for the night, hunkered down beneath trees to take the edge off the sweltering heat. So we had the canal to ourselves as we cruised through Autherley and Aldersley Junctions, starting point of our attempt on the BCN Challenge. 
It was a gentle start, mooring just below Compton Locks at 7.00pm.

The journey starts.

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