Monday 2 March 2009

Belle's Bletherings

Captain Ahab has suggested that I make a regular contribution to his blog. He seems to think that I can add a certain something. This I can. Whether it is what he has anticipated remains to be seen. You see am something of a reluctant boater whereas the Captain is a natural, almost born to it. However, it has been an obsession, *cough* I mean pastime, that he has been most keen to share.

I can honestly say that were it not for the Captain, I would probably never have stepped foot on a narrowboat. I spent part of my growing up intimately acquainted with the Grand Union Canal. In fact, I learned to dive in a lock. I know. I am lucky to have survived unscathed. My memory is of dirty smelly water and of my mother's shrieks and despairing wails. Not exactly the stuff of fond reminiscence. For years I prevaricated, delayed and even downright refused to be enticed on a boating holiday but eventually I caved. In his infinite wisdom, Mr Tesco added boating holidays onto his clubcard points scheme so I no longer had any excuse to avoid clambering aboard.

Our first outing was four days on the Kennett and Avon. We had just about every kind of weather imaginable. But I would be a hard woman indeed if, having watched the stress drop off the Captain as soon as he grasped the tiller, I refused a return trip. Truth be told, the teenagers enjoyed it, the Captain loved it and by the end of the four days I was contemplating changing my name to Saucy Sal, acquiring an anchor tattoo and running away to sea.

While I am not the obsessive enthusiast the Captain is, I do enjoy our trips. If only because it gives me opportunity to write taking a wry look at life and sending the Captain up in the process. After all, someone has to.

These weekly appearances will comprise of a collection of my observations from many different trips. They all hinge on the Captain's infallible wit and wisdom. Hanging on his every word as only a dutiful wife can, I intend to share the benefit of these pearls with you. May you all be richly blessed by them. First installment, next Monday. Enjoy!

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The Superfluous Blogger said...

I, for one, can not wait. :)