Saturday 9 May 2009

Which SLR camera?

Which SLR Camera?

This is a serious question.

I haven't fallen out of love with my little 6.0 mega pixel Praktica DCZ 6.8 , which has been used for virtually all the photos in this blog. As a handy camera which I can carry on my belt whist I am cruising, it is absolutely great. The fact is that I am rapidly approaching one of those landmark events in my life. Not the big Five O (well not for a couple of years anyway!) but the thirtieth anniversary of working for the same employer. Me and my employer have had our ups and down over the years, but like a good marriage we have come to understand how each other ticks and to make allowances for the things we find irritating.

One of the nicer things about my employer is their policy of recognising long service, and this particular landmark comes complete with a £400 capital bond. Oh, and a letter of congratulations from the Chief Exec which I will treasure forever, but its the dosh that is on my mind at present.

Belle and I have often talked about getting a digital SLR camera but it always seems an extravagance which we can ill afford. In my research into this long service award I noticed that you can redeem the Capital Bonds at Jessops and it struck me that a Digital SLR camera would be a really good way to use the money. Its something that both Belle and I would enjoy and it would endure for a reasonably long time, maybe as far as my 40th anniversary when they give me an extra months holiday (guess what I plan to do with that!).

I have increasingly found the limitations of the little Praktica annoying. It's perfect for those quick point and shoot opportunities in good conditions, but lacks the functionality to do justice to the more interesting shots which can be composed, and I find myself yearning for the scope my old 35mm Pentax ME Super. Time for an upgrade think.

So which camera should I go for? I am not a camera buff - I like photos but I am not deeply into camera technology, and I have absolutely no idea where to start.
My budget is £400 (well, maybe £500) and I won't be able to access the dosh till late summer.

Any suggestions?


Debbie said...

I only wish I could help you out with your camera choice. To be honest I wouldn't have a clue! I am sure Jessops will help you out if you explain what you think you want! I think if things are too technical it takes all the fun out of using them. I think your photos are great anyway, but good luck with your new purchase! Debbie Nb Tickety Boo

Andy Tidy said...

Thanks Debbie, I am glad you like the photos. I am sure to post an entry about the new camera when I finally get it!
Capt A

Maryjane said...

No matter what capabilities the camera you buy has, it will most likely have an "auto" setting. You can learn the fine tunings later at your own pace but at least you can operate it until then. I suggest looking at refurbished cameras where you can get more bang for your buck. I bought a Fuji FinePix (a $900.00 value at the time) for less than $400. I had no clue about photography but forced myself to learn by using manual settings and actually used the instruction manual. You can view some of my pictures at . I am far from being pro but sometimes I get lucky and get a great shot. Good luck on your search and enjoy your new toy!

Andy Tidy said...

Thanks for your suggestion - I will bear that in mind.

Brenda Scowcroft said...

David swears by his Cannons - you can see lots of his photos I must say I like using it too, but it's too heavy and cumbersome for me. I like my little Olympus which will fit in my jeans back pocket!