Thursday 7 May 2009

Standedge Tunnel - Bonus Photos

Standedge Tunnel - Bonus Photos
Photos by Ronald Organ

My e-mail in-box suffers from a surfeit of unsolicited junk mail, but every now and again I receive a lovely surprise.

You may recall from my blog entry about the Standedge Tunnel that a photographer was recording events from the Marsden Portal end. Somewhere within the melee I remember giving him my e-mail address but thought no more about it. Well, I have just received some copies of the photo series he took, showing Wand'ring Bark emerging from the tunnel entrance.

Jeff had suggested that we try to get some shots of the boat as we emerged, but we couldn't figure out how to achieve this without raising the health and safety hackles of the BW support team. Our prayers were answered!

The following photos record our tunnel exit and disappearance into the sunset, and are published with the express permission of Ronald Organ, who can be contacted for photographic work by e-mail at including "Photoshoot" or something similar in the title:

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