Friday, 27 August 2010

Captian Ahabs live update

Another quick update
27th August 2010

I have grabbed Belle's laptop for a few minutes and thought I would post a real time update.

I feel like Ziggy Stardust "Here I am, sitting in my tin can" but far from being far above the world we are stuck in Gloucester Docks with an in flood Severn pounding away at the lock gates. We are told that the river is in Amber right up to Stourport and it may drop tomorrow, but more likely the day after. Finer weather has returned so hopefully things will improve before long.

This is a major pain with me being due back at work on Wednesday. Cathryn - sorry! Not as good as excuse as volcanic ash but just as effective.

Just our luck in a dry summer and the Leeds Liverpool closed due to water shortages.

Having said that, Gloucester is an interesting place so we will make the most of our extended stay.


Northern Pride said...

What a shame your plans have gone awry, hope the weather improves for you and you don't have to make too much of a dash to get back!
Sandra & Barry

phil and corin said...

Hi there Captain, it was nice talking to you at the locks in Tardebigge this morning.
We have decided to do a canal holiday next summer, hope to meet up with you again on the canal system.

Phil, Corin and Jess the border collie

Andy Tidy said...

Sandra and Barry
The water levels fell unexpectedly and we have just made it home!

Phil and Corin
I really hope you have a great time on the canals. They are dangerously addictive!