Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Mapledurham Watermill

Mapledurham Watermill
3rd August 2010

Regular readers will know that I come from milling stock and have a bit of a passion for watermills.

Mapledurham watermill

The Mapledurham estate contains a gem of a watermill, set beside the Mapledurham wier in a grove of trees. The mill has been restored to working order but I was way to early to see it in action.

Details of the watermill

In fact it was all gated off and out of bounds but that didn't stop me hopping over the fence and having a good look at the outside. My thanks to the warden for turning a blind eye.

Repairs to Mapledurham Wier

If you get a chance, you should spend a day looking at this estate. A lot of money is being spent on restoration of the house and church, which are well worth a visit too.

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