Friday 17 April 2020

A few changes to the blog

A few changes to the blog
April 2020

With no boat travel possible in the immediate future and my fingers stuck in a lot of other waterways related pies, my blog posts have become sporadic to say the least, and mostly consist of links to other canal related material.

So where does this leave the long running Capt Ahab blog?

You could argue that my move into video via the increasingly popular Canal Hunter YouTube series has replaced blogging, but in reality they are very different mediums. The weekly 20 minute videos are a great way to bring current and archive material together into one easily accessible place, but not so good for referencing. 

One of the spin offs from the videos is the increasing number of archive photos which find their way to me. Whilst I have added many to my old "Other 60 Miles" exploration posts, this approach is rather haphazard and unstructured. What I really want is to have a resource where all the old images are freely available for viewing in a format which can be followed in a logical way, and rediscovered at will.

I guess that in reality a dedicated website would be an option, but we are where we are and  I don't want to cast aside the masses of information I have built up within the blog over the years.

So I have come to a decision which, as a first step, has seen me rationalise the tabs on the blog (did you even notice they were there?). i have dropped some which have become redundant over the years and instead crested a new one dedicated to archive photographs on the lost sections of the BCN. This sits alongside the well established "Other 60 Miles" tab and will be searchable in the same way.

1. Click on the Tab to find a page containing links to each lost canal.

2. The individual canal "home page" will have a short history of the waterway plus maps and most importantly, links to other pages containing the sequenced photos broken down into manageable chunks.

3. Individual pages will include links either to lake you back to the canal home page, or to further posts on the same line.

I am very aware that although my knowledge of the lost sections of the BCN has grown a lot over the years, it is by no means complete, which is where you come in. As time permits I will publish strings of individual posts on specific waterways and, where known, I will add locations and dates. If there are details missing or the descriptions are inaccurate I would love to receive your feedback via the comments function, thus expanding our collective bank of knowledge.

I am not going to rush this process as I want to enjoy its evolution, and its my hope that you will come along for the ride and feel free to engage where you can. 

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