Wednesday 29 April 2020

Dudley No2 - Lapal East

Dudley No2 - Lapal East

The one air shaft on the Lapal Tunnel, now destroyed

Inside Lapal Tunnel from the Eastern Portal - Edwin Fasham

The full collapse 3/4 mile in from the East - Edwin Fasham

Lapal Eastern Portal at California

Partially infilled Eastern Portal - W Jones /DCT Archive

DCT Archive

Eastern Portal of the Lapal Tunnel with entrance to the brickworks Basin - DCT Archive

DCT Archive

1960 -Alan T Smith / DCT Archive

Brickworks entrance at mouth of tunnel

Brick Kiln at the tunnel mouth

Brick Kiln at California

California Clay Pit

 Lapal Tunnel eastern portal - T W King / DCT Archive

Lapal at California 1951 (HNBC - P Weaver Collection)

Site of Western Portal - Ian Langford / DCT Archive

East from Lapal portal to Weoley Castle Bridge (HNBC - P Weaver Collection)

Somery Road Bridge - 1920's

Weoley Park Lift Bridge

Weoley Lift Bridge - DCT Archive

Four images from the back of Reservoir Road

Selly Oak Park

Park Bridge 1980 Ron Swift /DCT Archive

Park Bridge 1980 - Ron Swift /DCT Archive

Selly Park Bridge

Harborne Lane Bridge 1924 (old)

Harbornr Lane Bridge (old) 1928

The old Selly Oak Bridge

Harborne Lane Bridge

Harborne Lane

Harborne Wharf and Selly Oak Bridge

Stop Lock at Selly Oak

Battery Park and junction with Worcester Birmingham Canal


Battery Park Selly Oak

Battery Park from the air

Battery Park from the Stop Lock 1953 by Phyllis Nicklin

Selly Oak Junction (right) 1960 - Phyllis Nicklin

The above photos have been assembled from various sources, including those freely found on the internet. My thanks go to the many photographers alive and dead who have contributed to this collection and in so doing, are keeping the memory of these lost canals alive. These images are reproduced for ease of research are are not necessarily the property of this blog, and as such should not be used for commercial gain without the explicit permission of the owner (whoever that may be).

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