Tuesday 21 April 2020

Ogley Locks Home Page

Ogley Locks section of the Wyrley and Essington Canal
April 2020

This is the home page for a collection of old photographs of the Ogley Locks section of the Wyrley and Essington Canal. 
A map of the complete Ogley Locks flight

These days the canal is better known as the Lichfield Canal and is undergoing an active restoration programme. Whilst the restoration is welcomed, it is important to retain a feel of how this long flight of thirty locks, spread over six miles used to look stretching from Ogey Hay near Brownhills to Huddlesford, where the Wyrley and Essington joined the Coventry Canal.

Lock 30 in 1974

The locks represent the second phase of the Wyrley and Essington and were built in 1794 and operated till the line was abandoned in the 1950's. 

Originally the locks they were designed with unusual semi circular side points beside the lock chambers which could be filled and emptied to conserve water. However, by the time John Brawn came to build them the design was simplified and regular 70ft x 7 feet chambers were constructed.

Given the length of the canal, the posts of old images have been divided into six which can be found from the following links:

1. Ogley Hay to Summerhill

2. Muckley Corner

3. Pipehill to Fosseway


5. Barrowcop to Freeford

6. Huddlesford

7. Around Brownhills

A series of YouTube Canal Hunter videos are available covering this flight, and relevant links are included at the foot of each page.


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