Thursday, 30 April 2020

Dixon Branch

Dixon Branch - New Main Line

We are indebted to Hugh Potter for his 1974 collection photos of the one mile Dixon Branch, captured in its dying days before the whole area was redeveloped. 

Aerial View of entire Dixon Branch

The branch was built in the 1820's and had one significant branch known as the Horsley Colliery Arm, which was itself abandoned in the 1880's having supplied coal to the Horsley Ironworks who relocated to this site from one closer to Tipton. The residual section was closed sometime between the 1950's and 1965, and these are the only images I have come across featuring this reclusive backwater of the BCN.

Dixon Branch entrance 1974 (Hugh Potter)

Dixon Junction for the air

Dixon Branch 1950

Dixon Branch blocked (right) and basin opposite (HNBC Weaver)

Horsley Road Bridge 1974 (Hugh Potter)

Horsley Road Bridge (HNBC Weaver)

Laurence Hogg

Horsley Road Bridge detail 1974 (Hugh Potter)

Obscured view of Dixon Branch

Dixon Branch 1974 (Hugh Potter)

Outside the old Horsley Iron Works office (Hugh Potter)

Laurence Hogg

Entrance to Rattlechain Brickworks - John Whitehouse

Rattlechain Basin - John Whitehouse

Basin entrance opposite Dixon Branch - John Whitehouse

The above photos have been assembled from various sources, including those freely found on the internet. My thanks go to the many photographers alive and dead who have contributed to this collection and in so doing, are keeping the memory of these lost canals alive. These images are reproduced for ease of research are are not necessarily the property of this blog, and as such should not be used for commercial gain without the explicit permission of the owner (whoever that may be).

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