Wednesday 4 January 2012

And the winner was....

Results of the Huddersfield Canal Society photographic competition 2011
January 2012

OK, I was a bit overwhelmed by all the comments on the photo competition post, and its interesting to compare your collective views with those of the judges. See my post from two days ago for the images.

If left to you guys the steps at lock 10 East (Milnsbridge) is the clear winner, but this was not the judges decision.

The actual order was:

Category winner : 39 East - top of the Marsden Flight
Runner up :  10 East - steps at Milnsbridge
Highly Commended : 32 East (but actually its 31 E at Linguards Wood - I labelled it wrongly!)

Its interesting that my entries were the only ones with no boats in them! I have always said I am more into the infrastructure than the boats. I love the rugged nature of the this incredible canal ,which is captured in that flight of gritty steps.

But lets be fair, the overall winner was by John Brierley, a regular participant in this competition and a worthy winner he is too:

John Brierley - Overall winner 2011

I love his shot of 'Chelonian' at the Diggle Festival Boat Gathering - the colours are almost acrylic. He is fortunate to live so near such a wonderful canal and be able to photograph it through all seasons. 

All in all I was very pleased with the results of our 'one pass' visit, but I would hasten to say that the West is pretty too, it just happen to rain for the entire duration of our descent - hence no photos!

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