Friday 6 January 2012

Tagged and Bagged

Tagged and Bagged
January 2012

Belle's Christmas gift came with a little extra this year, the extra being in the form of things canal.

First off were her home made labels, each one a miniature work of art and worthy of a shot from a Victorian Christmas scene. My label, now pressed into service at a bookmark, features a canal route between Whitby and Pickering (which I didn't know existed) and on the reverse is an extract from a historic map of Staffordshire featuring Calf Heath, home mooring of Wand'ring Bark.

 Hand made Christmas gift tags

Which takes me neatly onto the other canal orientated gift: my new mug. She found a manufacturer who applies personal messages to the outside, in this case "I would rather be on Wand'ring Bark"... as if I need a reminder of what I would rather be doing...

The mug that says it all!


Martin said...

Re. Whitby to Pickering: I spot the word "proposed" which could be significant!

Neil Corbett said...

Ooh do tell us who the mug maker is. I want one!


Andy Tidy said...

Martin - good point. I found a note in the margin of my workbook from when I did a spot of research on the canal. A 25 mile narrow route proposed in 1795 and surveyed at a cost of £66,447 - but never built in favour of a railway. A Mr Stephenson featured in there somewhere.

Andy Tidy said...

It will be Stubbs Mugs at

Nb Yarwood said...

Brilliant thoughtful gifts, you lucky, lucky boy!!