Friday 24 July 2009

Beauty - is in the eye of the beholder

Beauty - is in the eye of the beholder
24th July 2009

I love this scene. It's charms are not immediately apparent and I accept that the Wolverhampton Incinerator chimney isn't everyone's cup of tea - but it does it for me!

BCN officianado's will instantly recognise this as part of the Wolverhampton 21, and not just any part, a very special spot - which is exactly half way up, or down, depending on your direction of travel.

This huge concrete chimney serves as a totem pole against which I measure my progress and under whose shadow exists the possibility of refreshment and succour. You see, the incinerator stands just above lock 10 and Foxes Land Bridge beside which is, if you are lucky, a fantastic refreshment van known as Crown Cafe. From this van the Cox Clan (mum, dad, brother and sister) have been sustaining the workers of Wolverhampton for years.

Paying homage to their mobile cafe has become an essential element of our passages up and down the Wolverhampton 21 and I can thoroughly recommend a doorstop bacon butty with brown sauce washed down with a styrofoam cup of strong tea - all for the princely sum of £2.00.

I have mentioned this spot in a previous blog entry and subsequently been berated for its absence so, just to be clear, this Crown Cafe is open:
Monday to Friday - 7.30 am till 2.00pm
Saturday - 7.30 am till 12.30am
Sunday - closed all day

So it's a case of the early boater catching the worm. If you start the flight much after noon don't expect to find it there!

On the plus side, they have a phone and if you call them on 07866 042880 when you are a couple of locks away you will have your refreshment piping hot and waiting for you.
Oh - and yes, it's as clean inside as it is on the outside - this is no greasy spoon operation!

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