Friday 17 July 2009

Calf Heath Marina - the start

Calf Heath Marina - the start
Friday 17th July 2009

Index of posts in this series:
1. - Calf Heath - the start - this post
2. - Calf Heath to Greensforge
3. - Greensforge to Stourport
4. - Stourport to Tibberton
5. - Tibberton to Tardebigge Bottom
6. - Tardebigge Bottom to Hopwood
7. -  Hopwood to Tipton
8. - Tipton to Calf Heath

The end of a truly terrible week - ducking for cover every time the phone rang and breathing a huge sigh of relief when the clock struck 5.00pm and my work answerphone was turned on.

Given the other issues which have overwhelmed us in recent weeks, I have done precious little planning for this trip beyond checking the practicality of the proposed route. Packing was left till the day before we set off, so its a good job we are familiar with the essentials.

With Belle and Jeff at the Globe Theatre in London on Friday, I loaded the car before work and dropped them off at New St at 8.00am. To get me in the mood for the boat trip I made a slight detour to get some photos of the rather excellent Holliday Street Aqueduct, which carries the extreme northern end of the Worcester Birmingham Canal into Worcester Bar and Gas St Basin.

As I left work the heavens opened making the crawl up the M6 to Junction 12 particularly hellish. I just had time to load everything on board before a storm of Biblical proportions descended so I made the best of it and unpacked, scoffing a tin of Pringles and a Kit Kat by way of an evening meal.

I finally made it back home to pack Jeff's stuff, only to learn that they were returning on an earlier than expected train so back into New Street before another trip up the M6! Oh such joy...

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