Thursday, 15 October 2009

Autumn image on the Shropshire Union Canal

Autumn on the Shroppie
16th October 2009

I have recently returned from a delightful four days on the Shropshire Union, a relaxing solo cruise up to the breach at Shebdon Embankment and back. On this occasion the Shroppie had become a 16 mile culdesac with virtually no traffic, an opportunity not to be missed.

As luck would have it, the weather was brilliant, especially on the way back. As I made my way through the Lapley Wood Cutting, just south of Wheaton Aston, I saw a spectacular shaft of sunlight striking down on the canal through the autumn canopy of leaves. This was such a beautiful sight that I slowed the boat to tickover and scampered along the room to try and capture the image on film, much to the amusement of some walkers on the towpath. 

The trip was full of interest and incident which I will write up in the near future, but as a taster I thought you might like the above photo.

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