Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Norbury Icebreaker - Shropshire Union Canal

Norbury Icebreaker
21st October 2009

During my recent travels along the Shropshire Union I paused and spent some time in Norbury.

As I was wandering along the towpath capturing the autumn colours, and the obligatory Aqueduct, I noticed an old icebreaker sitting full of water on the offside, near the residential moorings.

Icebreaker at Norbury

This unpowered craft is something of a rarity, with its sharp reinforced bows and stern designed to ride over and split apart the ice, aided and abetted by a gang of burly blokes rocking it to and fro, whilst hanging onto the central pole for dear life. Maybe this was a primative version of pole dancing?

It's a shame to see a craft like this wallowing on the mud, filled to the gunnels with rainwater. Having said that, exactly what else can it be used for apart from a floating shed?

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