Saturday, 17 October 2009

Darth Vadar spotted at Stretton Boatyard

Stretton Aqueduct Boatyard
17th October 2009

The boatyard near Stretton Aqueduct is a mysterious and wonderful place. I pass it two or three times a year and on each occasion it is full of activity and really interesting craft.

I remember my first trip past it about five years ago when it was little more than a bit of waste ground, and I have since watched its evolution into a bustling yard specialising in the repair of ancient and unusual craft.

On my latest trip I was particularly impressed by two boats, a biggish sea going affair which would  find no place on the restricted Shropshire Union, and something which looks like a cross between an inspection launch and a Lake District steamer such as Teal. This rusted narrowbeam steamer has been there for a long time, and I cant see that any progress has been made since last year. Does anyone know anything about this strange craft?

As I approached the yard a huge cloud of spray and dust drifted over the canal, caused by the shotblasting of an old working boat. I always wondered what came of Darth Vader when his plans for intergalatic domination slipped through his grasp!

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