Sunday 18 October 2009

Picture Messaging by British waterways

Picture Messaging by British Waterways

It's good to see that BW understand both the curiosity of boaters and the power of photos.

The recent closure of the Shropshire Union was publicised using bright yellow information leaflets, like this one I spotted at the Gnosall waterpoint.

Not only do they explain what is going on, but the also provide photo. This goes a long way towards satisfying my curiosity and significantly reduced the temptation I felt to hop round the barricades at Shebdon and have a good look at the repair site myself.

Whilst this is good news from a health and safety perspective, it spoils my fun!

Seriously - good idea BW. 

 Hey, I have just realised that BW is the inverse of WB (Wand'ring Bark) spooky or what?

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