Saturday, 24 October 2009

Bloxwich thieves use Wyrley and Essington canal for quick getaway

Thieves use Wyrley and Essington Canal to make a quick getaway

We have something of a standing joke in our family about how it would be impossible to use a canal boat to make a quick getaway from a crime scene. How wrong one can be!

Only this week an article appeared in the Express and Star reporting that thieves had both used a boat and constructed an improvised jetty to steal several tons of scrap metal from a factory in Bloxwich, near Walsall.

According to the reports it must have taken the thieves literally hours to complete this task, and presumably a similar time to unload it again at their destination.

There must be easier ways to make a dishonest buck. Hey, we shouldnt complain - it's good to see freight back on the Wyrley and Essington (but I bet they didn't pay their license fee!)

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