Thursday, 8 October 2009

Cannon EOS 500D camera review

Cannon EOS 500D review
The first date

I appreciate than my new camera has no direct link to the waterways, but the photographs it takes will form an integral part of the blog, so I thought I would keep a bit of a record of how my relationship with it grows.

I suppose you could say that, having been introduced by friends, we have just been out on our first date. On the face of it she looks very attractive, having lots of interesting, if somewhat mysterious, functions. She also seems to curve in all the right places and, most importantly, she feels good to the touch. Maybe it's the rubber on the handgrip - but that another story.

I always figured that it was wrong to rush things on a first date so, after a perfunctory charge up, we went out hand in hand and were content to see what developed. I didn't attempt to press any of her many buttons and was quite content to leave her on her automatic settings. You know, see how she performed naturally.

Our first date took us into a wide range of conditions, bright sunlight, deep shade, close ups and quick fire shots and I was very impressed with her. Having read her manual I know she can deliver much more pleasure, but for a first date things went really well.

It is never easy to get close to a new partner and at times one wonders if it's really worth the effort. But I have to say that the the early signs are positive. I think that this is the start of a beautiful relationship with scope for real depth (of field).

More to follow as we explore Auto Creative.

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