Sunday, 25 October 2009

Waterways Bloggers unite

Waterways Bloggers unite

The problem with us happy band of waterways bloggers is that we exist mainly in cyberspace and its rare that we ever meet up, but when we do its a moment of great excitement.

During my recent autumn trip I would like to say that I met three prolific bloggers, but that wouldn't be exactly true. What actually happened was that I saw three boats which bear the name of the owners blogsites.

nb Harnser

True, I did see nb Harnser moored up outside the Fox and Anchor at Coven, but I has passed before I realised it was them, so didn't have an opportinity to stop. (I have subsequently been advised that the blogger Harnser is blue - so this was the wrong boat - sorry!)

nb Debdale

Next up it was nb Debdale moored in its Norbury Junction home. I cant claim that this came as a surprise to me, as Adam had mentioned it in the the Debdale blog.

nb Starcross

Finally there was nb Starcross, (the boat at the back) hunkered down just north of Norbury Bridge. Again, this is her home mooring with her master known to be gallivanting around on a "not boating" holiday in France.

So, my big meeting with fellow bloggers was a very private affair comprising just me, Wand'ring Bark the three other boats. Not very dynamic but worthy of note.


Adam said...

I believe that's the wrong Harnser -- the blogging one is blue (or it was the last time I saw it). And Debdale's home is Norbury Junction. We're glad the Shedbon embankment is open again, as we plan to complete the half of the Four Counties Ring that we couldn't do before, when we're back on board in November.

Andy Tidy said...

Adam, I had a funny feeling that Harnser was blue but couldn't believe that there were two boats by the same unusual name. Also, sorry I got your home base wrong - I should read your blog more closely! I liked your boat review in this months Canal Boat.

Adam said...

According to Jim Shead's site there are 8 Harnsers, 2 called The Harnser, and 4 Harnser 2s. There are also 2 Wand'ring Barks, but amazingly only one Debdale!

Jim said...

So! Starcross and Wand'ring Bark in the same photo at last!

Sorry I wasn't there to meet you - maybe next time (now that I'm back from France and "not boating" in England again.


Andy Tidy said...

But the other Wand'ring Bark is a plastic cruiser on the Thames, so it dosn't really count !

Andy Tidy said...

One day we will meet up, and the first pint will be on me. I never did that Newport Canal ride, and spent the afternoon wandering round Norbury instead.
I enjoyed reading about your time in France.