Wednesday, 7 October 2009

The Malt House pub in Birmingham, bathed in evening sunshine

The Malt House bathed in evening sunshine
Sunday 4th October 2009

As I was photographing Gas St Basin I looked down the canal towards Old Turn Junction and saw The Malt Shovel aflame in the evening sunshine. I hurried through the massed throngs of Cliff Richard fans, elbowing my way along the towpath, seeing the light slip from the buildings before my eyes.

I just had time to grab this one photo, with the pub lit as much by the reflected light on the water as by direct rays from the setting sun itself, before the light faded away.

Maybe that is something of a parallel of Sir Cliff, the Peter Pan of pop, who was playing in the adjacent ICC. Grab every opportunity to see him while you can, he isnt getting any younger.

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