Wednesday 18 July 2012

Ahab on the news stands

Tub Boats canals of Telford
July 2012

You will remember that over the winter I explored the remains of the tub boat canals which connected the Coalbrookdale coalfield in and around what is now Telford.

Come to think of it, the series of blog posts went on so long it was rather hard to miss them. Well, I was asked to condense my findings into two parts for publication in Waterways World, with the first part hitting the news stands last weekend (August edition) with the second coming out in September.

So, if you found the torrent of blog posts in the spring was a bit too much of a good thing you can now catch a precis version in print.


KevinTOO said...

Hi Andy,
I read your posts avidly and find them very well written and informative it's great to know that you're now a published author too :)
I won't be buying a copy of WW though as all my spare cash is going toward supporting a certain young lady who runs LOL

Halfie said...

I picked up an August issue the other day, and scanned the contents for mention of your article, couldn't find it, so I put it down again. Which page is it on?

No Direction said...

Food retailer, Journalist, what next?.

Andy Tidy said...

Halfie - Page 68
Ray - Maybe I need to devote a little time to fixing some of my employers compliance problems which are very much in the news!