Saturday 7 July 2012

Worcester 2012 - Wolverhampton

Worcester 2012
Return to Calf Heath
May 2012

Posting retrospective trip reports can mess with your mind.

Whilst I have already posted a report on the 4 day BCN Marathon trip, this cruise took place a week before and slightly strangely, our revised marathon schedule meant that on two succesive Monday night we slept at the BCLM moorings and on two successive Tuesdays we made our way to Wolverhampton, down the 21 and back to Calf Heath near Gailey.

Surplus water on the Wolverhampton 21

There were certainly shades of Groundhog day about all this repetition. No matter, I like the stretch and I am sure we will travel it many more times over the years.

For once Jeff got his wish of a lie in as there were no locks to work for hours, but then Belle started to make some jelly and he beat an exit to the back deck to get some respite from the steam. Belle had her sights set on rose petal jelly today so our mission (and we had no choice but to accept it) was to find the petals of Japanese Roses. If you are wondering, they are the bright pink ones with a heavy scent which frequent wild verges.

Foraging for Japanese Roses - turkish delight on toast!

Of course, we couldn't find any anywhere - till Belle came topside and suddenly they were all over the place. We stood accused of not trying hard enough... Actually, this is Belle's second season of foraging and jam making and she knows pretty much every bush near the 21 so she does have an advantage.

Wolverhampton incinerator - we know all the loveliest places

As for the 21, we had it to ourselves and the pounds were awash with water. In fact they were so full that the overflows were at capacity and the surplus water was spilling onto the towpaths.

Classic BCN - Deepfields Cutting and Cowley Tunnel

And so ends a spectacular six days, one we so nearly cancelled due to home issues to be addressed. Weeks like this are few and far between so we returned bronzed and relaxed, with the bonus of over 100 jars of jam and jelly tucked away in the locker ready for the next fair.

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