Saturday 29 October 2011

FMC Digbeth

Fellows Morton Clayton - Digbeth
October 2011

In yesterday's post I mentioned that I had an opportunity to have a look at the back of the FMC buildings in Digbeth.

I have had a look at this site from the street and the canal, but with the land being both private and locked I have never got 'round the back'.  

Back of Canal House

My visit to Edible Eastside provided an opportunity so whilst the rest of the troupe were heading back for a cup of nettle tea, I sneaked off and grabbed a few backlot images of these very familiar structures.

Warehouse nr Typhoo Basin

Not a lot to say about them beyond the fact that far more exists than I expected and hopefully not at risk of demolition.

 Banana Warehouse at Warwick Bar

FMC's iconic 1935 warehouse

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