Monday 10 October 2011

Slough Arm - part 4

Slough Arm - Part 4
The history lesson
October 2011

I love poking around the abandoned waterways but I must admit to accepting a 'lite' approach to the historical side of the research. I am far too keen to be 'out there' walking and photographing to spend extended time doing detailed historical research. No one who knows me would ever describe me as a completer finisher!

However, I really appreciate reading a well written historical account of the lost waterways and there is no greater authority on the history of the BCN than Ray Shill. You will probably have seen his books - maybe even read my reviews.

Imaging my delight when half way through this series of posts the Autumn edition of BCNS's Boundary Post dropped through my letterbox - and there was a highly detailed account of the life and times of the Slough Arm!

I thought you might like to read Ray's article as a neat conclusion to this series. 

Far better than my superficial ramblings don't you think! As an aside, the Boundary Post is a mine of quality articles about the BCN and they alone are well worth the annual subscription to the society.

It would appear that Ray was poking around this odd corner of the BCN a mere 10 days before my own expedition!


Halfie said...

Not better than your "ramblings", but an interesting addition. Good though Ray Shill's article is, it doesn't have the photographs which make your investigations come alive.

Andy Tidy said...

Thank you - that is a really kind comment.

john murden said...

An excellent report. It brings life to this disused canal. The next time i walk that way i will see it as it was. Thank you very much John Murden