Sunday, 8 November 2009

Autumn Cruise on the Shropshire Union canal - Wheaton Aston to Calf Heath

Autumn 09 - Wheaton Aston to Calf Heath
Shropshire Union & Staffs and Worcester
Monday 12 October

The final day of my solo trip yielded perfect weather.

The day started early, with an owl hooting at me through the open hatch, bringing me to life at 5.30am. There was a little moonlight and I got to wondering what the camera would make of such low light levels, and having started on this train of thought I felt compelled to pull on my clothes and find out. I shouldn't have bothered because whilst the camera is very good, it can't work miracles and take decent photos when it is so dark that one can't read Wand'ring Bark's sign from four paces!

Shropshire Skies

However, the early morning light did offer an excellent view along the embankment, which nearly made up for the early start.

I eventually made a proper start just before 9.00 am, moving the boat over to Turner's Garage and topping off the diesel tank ready for the winter. 

With the weather so perfect I brought Wand'ring Bark to a stop at Stretton Aqueduct, just beyond Stretton Boatyard. On this occasion I had no trouble getting a set of good photos, and then spent a happy hour or so writing and reading before eventually concluding that I had to get back to base.

One of the many mileposts which line the Shropshire Union

The sun shone the whole way back, and every bridge seemed to frame a perfect photo. With so little traffic moving I indulged myself, pausing whenever the urge took me, eventually making it back to Calf Heath at about 3.30pm. All in all a great solo cruise, and all the better for the enforced short hops. I saw so much more that on my long cruising days - a lesson to be learned I think.

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