Thursday, 12 November 2009

Wolverhampton Locks in the past

Old photo of the Wolverhampton Locks

I came across this old photo recently, which is looking at Lock 14  of the Wolverhampton 21. The narrative suggests that it is known as Bushbury Lock  and was taken at a time then the Wolverhampton gasworks were in full swing.

 Bushbury Loch (14) Wolverhampton Locks

The photographer has his back to the Stafford Road and shows the railway bridge which carried the spur from the LNW main line into the Gas Works, complete with gasholder and gas scrubbers in the background. The weir in the lower right corner allows surplus water from the canal to flow into the Smestow Brook, which once fed Gorsebrook Mill on the other side of the canal. This brook has been culverted beneath Dunstall Park race course, emerging to cross the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal under James Brindley's little aqueduct, the Dunstall Water Bridge by the Wildlife Activity Centre. Another aqueduct for my collection when I next pass through.

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