Friday 8 May 2020

Jim Crow Branch - Titford

Jim Crow and Claytons of Oldbury Branches plus the area on the OML near the junction - Titford

Towards the top of the Oldbury Locks there is a branch leading off to the right, which used to led into the Jim Crow Chemical Works.

The phosphorous  pollution entering the canal from the chemical works was immense - as can  be seen from the first aerial image below.

These days the pollution is gone, but the name lives on as the locks are referred to locally as "The Crow".

Jim Crow Branch stained white with pollution

Crow (front) and Oldbury Loop (top left)

Entrance to the Titford Canal before the M5 was built

Entrance to Jim Crow Branch 2023 - Francis Herne

Jim Crow Branch 2023 - Francis Herne

Chemical works on Jim Crow Branch

Abandoned tanker boats at MTD Oldbury - Weaver Collection

Later at the same site - Weaver Collection HNB

An atmospheric view up the Jim Crow Branch

Blakeley Hall Bridge at the foot of The Crow before the M5 motorway deck was added
(Hugh Potter)

Under the M5 at Oldbury - Weaver Collection

Towy entering Midland Tar Distillers 1964

Claytons Yard on the Old Mainline (Stoney Lane in background) 1955 - now under the M5

Steaming out the Coal Tar at Clayons MTD Oldbury basin

Looking straight down the Chemical Arm (left) and the Jim Crow Branch (right)

Claytons Yard

Claytons of Oldbury - Vic Smallshire

Claytons boat repair yard - Vic Smallshire

This post has expanded to include interesting images of the the flight of locks known as Titford Locks, Oldbury Locks or The Crow.

The Crow Bottom Lock (Claytons basin was to the left)

BCN Lock Cottage - Titford bottom lock - Weaver Collection

This is children playing on a frozen side pound ff lock 2 in the 1950's
Tat Bank Road about to cross the canal. The circular building is a public urinal

The Crow - Weaver Collection

Coal Wharf at Langley Green - Uncle Bens Bridge

The Crow top lock being brought back into service.

Titford Pumphouse with stables and cottage - Weaver Collection

Some views from the junction with the Old Main Line:

Looking south along the footbridge into Claytons Arm - Source Sandwell Archive RPS

Looking north across the OML footbridge - Source Sandwell Archive RPS

GWR Oldbury Branch Line over OML with Allbright and Wilsons beyond 
 Source Sandwell Archive RPS

Stone St Bridge and Canalside with MTD beyond from the Oldbury Branch railway bridge 
Source Sandwell Archive RPS

Another of Canalside and Stone St Bridge from under GRW bridge - Source Sandwell Archive RPS

Blakeley Hall Bridge before the motorway - Source Sandwell Archive RPS

The above photos have been assembled from various sources, including those freely found on the internet. My thanks go to the many photographers alive and dead who have contributed to this collection and in so doing, are keeping the memory of these lost canals alive. These images are reproduced for ease of research are are not necessarily the property of this blog, and as such should not be used for commercial gain without the explicit permission of the owner (whoever that may be).

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